Peter’s love of visual design came early in life, when his fifth grade teacher, Mr. DuBois, needed a set design for the school’s production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s THE MIKADO. He recognized a certain flare in his favorite student and assigned him the job. Brilliant reviews of his work at this entrée level followed.

This set the stage for Peter’s obsession for aesthetic brilliance. While discovering his range of talents at University, Peter banished ALL unpleasant scenery—from the theatrical productions at the university to the experimental arts at the Attic Theatre in the gritty 8-mile district of Detroit. Graduating with a Fine Arts and Theatre Craft degree, Mr. Gurski found himself propelled into the world of television production design. His keen sense of style has been seen in a wide variety of productions that include (but not limited to): commercials for Target and Cadillac; groundbreaking and Emmy winning sitcom WILL & GRACE; The Ellen Show (sitcom); Disney’s GOOD LUCK CHARLIE; N.B.C’s comedy UP ALL NIGHT; and PARTNERS—brand new for C.B.S. His work on the sitcom THE CLASS (C.B.S./WARNER BROS., 2007) garnered him an Emmy nomination for Art Direction

One may wonder how Peter made the jump from University to such extreme success…trust when we say he was suffering in the trenches of indie art flicks (such as cult fav ARMY OF DARKNESS) for years while honing his skills. One day, as he was staring at bolts of fabric questioning life, Peter had an epiphany. Why not make the jump from behind the camera to in front of the camera? His sassy self could be seen designing for the masses on such television shows as HGTV’s DESIGNING FOR THE SEXES and DESIGNER’S CHALLENGE, and on Discovery Channel’s SURPRISE BY DESIGN. His most recent foray was seen on A&E network’s WE MEAN BUSINESS, helping small business owners re-invent themselves to survive in the ‘new’ economy. So well received by the masses, this effort earned Peter another Emmy (2009) nomination—this time for his performance in front of the camera.

During all this, he somehow managed to become a much sought after home design guru for celeb clientele. His client list includes Eric & Janet McCormack, Jack Black, Laura Kightlinger, Zac Levi, & Jesse Tyler Ferguson-just to name a few!

He recently expanded his design repertoire to include event planning with his new company, EVENTUALITY. He specializes in creating events for a creative clientele interested in spectacular spectacles.

Just to round out all this capitalistic fabulousness, he dedicates time to PROJECT ANGEL FOOD by fund-raising and serving on the board of directors.